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As the Okanagan’s only student radio station, Heatwave Radio is the place for students to create and share radio shows, podcasts, music, campus news, and more. We also provide opportunities for hands-on audio technician training.

According to our bylaws, members who are not students at UBCO can join by paying a small annual fee.

Interested in joining us? Contact us here!

Have a show idea? Pitch your idea here!

Interested in getting involved but not sure what you want to do? Here are some options to try out:

  • working on a show as part of a team:

    • audio technician: edits audio and helps team members records

    • researcher: seeks out stories and information, especially those relevant to UBCO and the greater Kelowna community. Great for students interested in journalism!

    • interviewer: conducts interviews. We’re always looking for people to interview bands and artists especially

    • transcriber: in order to make it easier to arrange audio, writes transcripts of audio from interviews etc

    • scriptwriter: writes a script featuring excerpts from interviews, as well as background research

    • show host: records the script

    • producer: coordinates team members and oversees vision for show, such as overall tone and message

    • Although large teams mean that we can put out high-quality episodes faster, it is not necessary to have separate individuals for every role. Interested in several of them? Feel free to try them all out!

  • outreach:

    • postering on and off campus

    • tabling events (Frosh, Recess, UBCSUO Expo, etc)

    • graphic design (posters, art for shows, merchandise)

    • coordinating listening parties: booking a room on campus and making a playlist

    • selling tickets for future events